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Autumn Immunity SupperClub

Three course set menu, cocktail and amuse bouche

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October is a fantastic time for nature. Fruits and nuts are ready to harvest, and mushrooms peak their bonnets above ground. The animals and birds we'll see together on a Wildlife Walk for Wellness are busy making the most of this seasonal bounty, and so should we - these ingredients are simply packed with all the naturopathic punch vital to boost the immune system! As we move into the more difficult days inside our best defence is to create a protective shield of health against cold and flus, so you'll find lots of ingredients to support that too. Increasing the diversity of gut flora is also fundamental for good health, so three ferments - kombucha, miso and sourdough feature across this menu. Kombucha is made in house and you can join Scoby Do workshop to learn how to make it with us too, more information in the Services menu - or just send an e mail to This menu is a colourful, delicious feast rich in vitamin D, C, B6 and 12, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. It uses organic, seasonally available vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, nuts and flowers which are foraged (where possible) to bring you the most nutritional value. We source our fish from Billingsgate and vegetables from Ted's organic veg. When it comes to flavour, ethics and health it doesn't pay to be cheap. Further information on the immune boosting properties of the ingredients used in this menu will be given with the dishes on the night. Example menu (may change according to seasonal availability of produce): Cocktail: Turmeric, ginger green tea kombucha zinger Amuse Bouche: Foraged nasturtium pesto, Monte Enebru goats cheese, orange blossom honey and black garlic on a pink sourdough cracker. (Vegan option available) Starter: Foraged wild mushrooms in garlic and herbs, and toasted walnuts on sourdough toast, or Pink grapefruit, fennel and mackerel ceviche with sesame seed oil Main: Roasted salmon, miso balls, red onion pickles, root vegetables with a chilli, balsamic, black garlic glaze (Vegan option available) Dessert: Coconut panacotta (vegan) with foraged rose hip syrup

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