Sarah Brocklehurst

I'm a trained bird ecologist and fitness professional of 25 years. I study naturopathic nutrition, foraging, cookery and wildlife photography. In 2016 I started SuperFood SupperClub, turning my home into  pop up restaurant for 20 to showcasing my interest in creating themed menus using ingredients with high nutritional value which are as good for you inside as they look and taste.


Serendipidously, I created an online community in April 2020 from the Facebook Group, "Corona Flower Show".  Members quickly spread across the World and told me that at that bleak time connecting over the competitive, creative flower challenges I set helped their mental health. They even called it a "virtual garden of Eden!". I then realised what was intuitive with my background and skills had value to people's integrated, holistic health.


So, through New Normal Fitness I aim to help clients connect to what nourishes us from nature; physical fitness, nutritional health and wildlife wellness.