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RE: Wildlife Walk for Wellness

Sarah is a fabulous guide, the walk is well organised, informed and given with such enthusiasm and relaxed good nature that its hard not to get drawn into this new world; a walking testament to the physical and mental health benefits of birding. What a feast for the senses, I noticed things I would normally walk straight past! I'm up for getting up even earlier for the next one, not something I'd say very often, and I have been raving about this to others...


RE: HiiT Outdoors

New Normal Fitness HiiT classes are different to any other HiiT I've been to before. Sarah is able to demonstrate, give attention to individual technique and form, and still motivate the whole group. She has a wide repertoire of different training programs and gave options to tailor the class to your needs. Her 20 years experience shines, and the music was always really good too!



RE: One2One

I took One2One sessions in the park with Sarah when I was at a very low point mentally and physically. She built me slowly physically and supported me mentally with a lot of encouragement, and taught me breathing technique to help with depression and anxiety. When it comes to physical form and technique she's also top notch; really knows her stuff.



About New Normal Fitness 

2020 devastated the daily habits that framed our physical and mental health just when holistic health was key.

In the new normal improving physical, mental and nutritional health is still vital. So, lets lose those lockdown love handles,  restore any physical and mental deficit brought on by hybrid-home working,  boost our immune systems with outdoor activity and eat nourishing meals to reinforce our protective shield. 


Science shows  being  outdoors has additional mental and physical health benefits (click here for information). Nature has all you need, and with 25 years professional experience in fitness, ecology and nutrition we have all the skills to show you how.  

  • MSc Applied Ecology and Conservation

  • Level 2 & 3 Fitness Qualifications

  • Diploma in Yoga

  • Nutrition, Detox and Weightloss (College of Naturopathic Medicine)

  • £5M Insurance, FitPro & Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS)