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Zoom HiiT Technique Workshop

Improve your technique to get better results and minimise injury

Service Description

Good technique is really important. It makes the difference between spending your valuable time damaging joints or muscles and failing to get results, and training effectively and safely which gets you to your goals quicker. During a HiiT Outdoors session 12 exercises are demonstrated, but due to social distancing we might not always be able to get close enough to hear all the cues, or see the technique perfectly. Zoom HiiT Technique Workshop gives you another opportunity to see the exercises practiced in HiiT Outdoors up close with two camera angles. Your coach will also offer options to progress and regress (make harder and easier) each exercise, and you can ask questions too. Zoom HiiT Technique Workshop supports your personal development in Outdoor HiiT. Unfortunately, even when clients have seen the correct technique, and listened to the cues they may still perform exercises wrongly - they need reinforcement and sometimes personal modifications for weeks, or months to get it right. Zoom Technique Workshop gives your coach another chance to give you that personal feedback to get you on track. The two sessions work together to get you to your goals faster, and more safely. During full lockdowns Zoom Technique Workshop is free. Its also offered to you for free when you book your first Outdoor HiiT.

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