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Wildlife Walk for Wellness - Spring

Boost your steps and mental health with a guided walk in wildlife

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If doing a fitness class isn't for you, you can still gain health benefit from getting outdoors to boost your step count in nature. Getting in 7,500 steps a day and 2 hours in nature a week have been scientifically shown to improve physical and mental health. You'll also learn new skills which stimulate the brain to keep conditions like Altzeimers at bay... Our morning walks begin just after sun rise so you'll experience a dawn chorus and the highest levels of activity. You certainly won't regret setting your alarm to experience this magical time of day! Your guide, Sarah has been watching birds for over 25 years. She is a trained ecologist, and had a career in bird conservation before moving into fitness and nutrition. She also takes the wildlife photos on the website. A brush with wildlife filmmaking developed her love of story, and she has entertained people from the cloud forests of Central America, to the Berkshire Heathlands, and London Zoo with her wildlife presentations. Sarah can unlock seasonal treasures you'd blindly walk past at Hollow Ponds. Sightings of 87 species have been recorded here, with resident woodpeckers, nuthatch, treecreeper, sparrowhawk, ring-necked parakeet and kestrel regularly seen. Yogic breathing and forest bathing techniques are taught, and foraging can also be an element of these mindfulness focussed walks. If you have binoculars bring them, or ask when you book to hire a pair.

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