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Bluebells, Birdsong and Cacao Meditation

A guided meditation in a bluebell wood to optimise wellness in Nature

Service Description

Optimise the therapeutic benefits of nature in a spring bluebell wood with a dawn chorus and guided "forest bathing" meditation, assisted by cacao. Dawn signals the beginning of a new day, and spring a fresh cycle of life. As you gaze up, a canopy of fresh, green leaves unfurl awkwardly from their buds, breaking the fractal patterns of winter's bare, brown branches. The carpet of indigo bluebells breaks into royal blue shards as the rising sun sends long shafts of light between beeches, burning away the morning dew. Our resident woodland birds; woodpeckers, nuthatches, jays, tits, blackbirds and robins are joined by visiting warblers, all eager to promote their best condition to mates and rivals by competing for air time. Volatile chemicals released by trees and sweet smelling, bouncy blossoms fill the air. Scientific studies show that all these spring sensory experiences lead to physiological changes in the body, flooding it with the mood enhancing hormones serotonin, and oxytocin (when you share the experience with others). Through learning about these things, you'll notice more and get a hit of the reward hormone, dopamine. The whole experience is hugely atmospheric and evokes wonderful feelings of optimism, energy and hope. Your guide, Sarah is trained in bird ecology, yoga and naturopathic nutrition. Yogic breathing techniques and pranayama will be led to slow you down, set an intention, develop focus and create a more mindful platform. In itself this creates physiological changes in the body which help reduce blood pressure, changing your blood chemistry to help manage stress and anxiety. Then, using this platform, Sarah will interpret the natural history to make it easier for you to connect to the nature around you. You'll look deeper, see and absorb more, and nourish yourself fully. You will be offered the Amazonian superfood Cacao from a wooden wigwam in the bluebell wood. Steeped in Mayan shaman culture, Cacao has been used since 1100 BC to bring communities together, open the heart and develop love for their roots and environment. In naturopathic medicine Cacao is a caffeinated anti-oxidant, rich in anti-inflammatory flavonoids which lower the blood pressure and can help reduce risk of cancers, arthritis and Altzeimers. It will be offered in a ceremonial dose, with an intention to promote both spiritual and physical wellness. Your ticket contributes to the management of this scientifically important, protected site.

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